At Residential Real Estate Agents we appreciate the importance of serving the needs of our valued tenants.

Tenancy Application Forms

If you would like to lodge a tenancy application form in respect of one of our rental properties you may do so online. Alternatively you can download a PDF copy of the form, complete it by hand and then fax or mail it to our offices.

Tenancy Application

Residential Tenancy Agreements (“leases”)

Successful applicants will be given a copy of ‘The Renting Guide’ produced by the Department of Fair Trading, before being asked to sign a Residential Tenancy Agreement. We recommend that you read both documents carefully before signing so that you are aware of your legal rights and obligations.

Rent in advance and rental bond

We collect a minimum of two (2) weeks rent in advance of the commencement of the lease. At the same time a rental bond equivalent to four (4) weeks rent is also collected.

We then lodge the rental bond together with a rental bond lodgment form, as signed by us as the managing agent, and you as tenant(s), with the Department of Fair Trading for the security of our landlords. Provided that the leased premises are left in good order, and all rent has been paid, we will refund the bond to you in full when you vacate the property.

Tenants are able to pay their rent by way of Internet banking, personal cheques, bank cheques or money orders. We do not accept cash or credit card payments.


Receipts will be issued and retained in our offices but not posted unless specifically requested. If you want to reconcile your account we will email your history ledger to you upon request.


We request that our tenants report any necessary repairs immediately by either telephoning our office or in writing.

In the event of an emergency repair being required outside office hours please attempt to contact your property manager on his or her mobile in the first instance. Should your property manager be un-contactable you may then contact the relevant trades people directly. A list of authorised trades people appears on the front page of your residential tenancy agreement. If they cannot be contacted then please arrange for another trades person to attend to the urgent repair.

If you are uncertain as to whether the repairs in question are regarded as being of an urgent nature under your residential tenancy agreement, we recommend that you read the section entitled URGENT REPAIRS before taking any action.

Maintenance Request


We hold a duplicate set of keys to all of our management properties for emergency access. Please note that locks can only be changed after you have obtained our permission to do so, and you are then required to provide us with a copy of those keys.

Periodic inspections

As part of our ongoing service to your landlords we are required to carry out periodic inspections of the properties we manage. On each occasion we provide tenants with seven days notice in writing.


We recommend that tenants invest in home contents insurance, as landlord insurance will not cover your belongings in most situations.

In the event that a tenant or a visitor causes accidental damage to the leased premises, and repair work is required, the tenant may be required to meet the cost of any excess that may apply to the landlord’s insurance.

Notice periods

If the landlord wishes to end the tenancy at the end of a fixed term agreement then thirty (30) days notice in writing must be provided to the tenant up until the final day of the fixed term period.

If the tenant wishes to end the tenancy at the end of a fixed term agreement then fourteen (14) days notice in writing must be provided to the landlord up until the final day of the fixed term period.

Once the fixed term of a tenancy ends a continuing agreement applies, which means that most of the terms and conditions contained in the residential tenancy agreement continue to apply.

Under a continuing agreement if you as tenant wish to end the tenancy you are required to provide us with at least twenty-one (21) days notice in writing. In those same circumstances if the landlord wishes to end your tenancy we must provide you with at least ninety (90) days notice in writing.

There are a number of other circumstances in which a residential tenancy can be terminated and we recommend that you read the relevant clauses of the residential tenancy agreement in that regard.